My sweet auntie dropped an f-bomb (Brene Brown gives a thumbs up!)

eddie murphy

Son of a biscuit! Leave it to beaver! Shut the front door! These toned-down-socially-acceptable-expletives are satisfying to some degree. But when you’ve got a lot of energy and passion – and you’re from New York – and you were born with a sailor-mouth – those phrases only carry you so far.

Sometimes a good ‘ole pure f-bomb just feels so gosh darn good! Dr. Brene Brown, a popular shame and vulnerability researcher, states on the front page of her website: “I do NOT believe that cussing and praying are mutually exclusive.” I think when you’re looking at the world with “truth-glasses” (not drowning in a river of de-nile) AND you’re a kind-hearted person, you’re gonna pray, and you’re gonna cuss. I think if you’ve been emotionally traumatized and now you’re coming out of it – you’re probably do the same!

Here’s my take and what made my auntie drop an f-bomb:

Here’s Eddie Murphy/ Richard Pryor’s response to Bill Cosby criticizing his cussing:

Keep empowering your joy and taking inspired action… and always remember – YOU are the treasure!!!

Happy D!

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