You are not alone – funny story – keep your dreams alive – transform with compassion

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You know how sometimes you find yourself repeating the same darn pattern of “the same mistake” and you just can’t see what’s driving the whole thing? Repetition compulsion can be devastating. But also very funny!

We repeat what we know. We repeat decisions that we made a long long time ago when our discernment abilities were immature (sometimes pre-language) and we were simply sponges seeking connection and survival. We made decisions about ourselves, about life, about others. Un-sticking those decisions (which sometimes become core beliefs such as “I am alone” or “I am invisible”) can be tricky sometimes, but as I said, they can also be funny.

Since shame is often a siamese twin of repeated mistakes, humor really really really helps. So does compassion (WAY!). And so does having someone to stand with you and SEE YOU in your blindness and foolishness who will not shame you but will STAND RIGHT WITH YOU and see the truer truth about you, about what’s REALLY happening in the situation, and about what’s really possible for you. Inviting you to change your mind, your behavior, and your results.

The person I speak about in this video laughed when she saw it and gave me wholehearted permission to share it with you.

We believe in you!

Much love,

Happy D!

2 thoughts on “You are not alone – funny story – keep your dreams alive – transform with compassion

  1. I’m not alone… even though sometimes if feels like it, most of the time I’m aware that I’m not alone. Thank you for this video, i will be sharing it with a client.

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