Key to Self-Care and Jonathan Debut!

How committed are you to self-care? Do you ever hold back or not follow through on what you know would be good or healthy or just awesome for you? Watch this video and comment below. Say hi to Jonathan too!

Much love,

Happy D!

5 thoughts on “Key to Self-Care and Jonathan Debut!

  1. Debbie, your message here is a valuable one — not just giving ourselves time to listen to the inner voice that has our highest good in mind, but ALSO following through on what it’s saying! My experience has been: that’s what makes the REAL difference in the results I “get” in my life! On a separate (more comical) note, my guess is if your new buddy Jonathan has any abandonment issues of his own, it may help to buy him a making-amends ice cream cone or something after introducing him to us with some “other” puppet’s name… Dude! (Just kidding, Debbie… but your faux pas WAS pretty amusing, given you titled the blog-post using the name “Jonathan”… When you said, “Jerry,” I immediately thought, “WTF?” BTW, his high-pitched voice is amusing, too!) 🙂

    1. LOL! Thanks, Will. Jonathan has brought on actual full rolling belly laughter… so grateful to him! Ice cream for abandonment? You sound like a Jewish mother!! I’ll let him know you said hi 🙂 ps. I didn’t call him Jerry… HE DID!!! That’s okay he’s only 6 days old so he’s still learning 🙂

      1. There are so many levels to your reply that made me smile & laugh, Debbie… Love it!!! May you & your new 6-day-old have a Super-Soul Saturday! 🙂

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