Mothers Day – Connection, Perfection and Freedom to Love

A Course in Miracles says that our job is not to teach love (which is impossible) but to remove the blocks to our awareness of its constant, ever-radiant presence. I wonder, if maybe, that’s the task of our inner mother, our inner parent. To create a space, an environment, where love is free to BE.

Freedom to love is the name of the game, it’s the source of all happiness that I’ve ever experienced. And when it’s been blocked, that’s has been the source of the greatest pain I’ve ever experienced.

You, my dear reader, likely share these values and ideas as well. And I would like to invite you to join me in dropping any and all ideas of thinking that we can walk this path – or dance this dance – or sing this song – perfectly. We won’t. Let’s set ourselves free to love, imperfectly.

Happy Mother’s Day to All!



4 thoughts on “Mothers Day – Connection, Perfection and Freedom to Love

  1. Jeez, Debbie… I cannot imagine a better “short & sweet” (and profoundly right on!) blog-post for a Mother’s Day message than this! Way insightful & inspiring! To all “inner mothers” everywhere: Let the Freedom-to-Love-Bell ring brightly today and every day! 🙂

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