Bring YOU to your next interaction (Embodiment Meditation May 17 2019)

Embodiment Meditation May 17 2019 - Bridges - by Debbie Happy CohenYour presence is your greatest present. Time and attention are the most highly valued gifts you can bring to any meaningful interaction. (Or receive!) Your high quality attention is worthy of anyone you love and care about, including yourself. That’s who this embodiment meditation practice is for. I invite you to take six and a half minutes to listen to it, without distraction, before your next meaningful interaction.

Note: If you have a difficult time being present, being in your body, staying tuned in, you may be dealing with old trauma that’s causing you to dis-associate from the present moment. Check out the other blog posts for resources and tips. Search terms: CPTSD CPTSR codependency.

Much love,

Happy D!

ps. Thank you to my coaching client who inspired this particular meditation.

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