Spotlight What’s Right: JOY-POWER

At home, at work, as you’re going about your day… How well do you tend to notice and spotlight your gorgeous attention toward what’s right? This simple skill is loaded with Joy-Power. LOADED, I tell you!

I challenge you to practice this skill… I dare you to make it a lifestyle.

The little things ARE the big things! – Juli Jordan


With so much love,

Happy D!

Our Joy-Based Living E-book offers a foundation of lifelong practices that can supplement any holistic practice including therapy and coaching.


2 thoughts on “Spotlight What’s Right: JOY-POWER

  1. Great quote to sum it all up, Debbie! β€œ The little things ARE the big things! β€œ
    It’s all about our perception, our consciousness, our POV, eh? Very good… an uplifting, empowering reminder! 😎

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