Trauma – the Missing Peace (Tea Time, Codependency, CPTSD, CPTSR)

Your degree of Joy-flow is directly correlated with your degree of Trauma-flow. Where grief is STUCK, Joy is lodged right behind. Joy is the very nature of your being, and like a volcano, it’s got energy and power behind it. So any lengthy stuck-ness is going to cause discomfort. It’s a signal for you to do something about it. BUT: If you couldn’t – and you learned helplessness – you may have habituated yourself to settling for less – from yourself, from others, from Life itself. Not to worry! LIFE never ever gives up on you. And nature will balance you back into BEING – IF YOU LET HER.

I say: let her! With self-compassion, empathy, self-kindness, humor and support if you need it: LET HER.

You are so worth it!


Happy D!

ps. Our Joy-Based Living E-book offers a foundation of lifelong practices that can supplement any holistic practice including therapy and coaching.

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