Where common-sense wisdom breaks down for people with cptsr, cptsd and codependency #SimonSinek

This awesome video message from Simon Sinek about love (and leadership) (and physically getting in shape) is brilliant and gorgeous, full of wisdom and truth. He makes complete sense. His advice about being consistently kind, generous and loving can be applied to “just about” anyone.

How could that be? Common sense wisdom about kindness and generosity should apply to EVERYONE, shouldn’t it? NOPE!

If you have the unique challenge of compulsively over-giving. . . Not being able say no . . .  Not being able to know (much less communicate) what it is YOU really want, for YOU . . . That’s where this type of spiritual and psychological “common sense” wisdom breaks down. People with CPTSR/ CPTSD and codependency frequently use such messages to further abuse or neglect themselves. Some people call it “spiritual bypassing.” It’s a mind f##k and deep healing is required if you want a better experience in your relationships and your outcomes. If this paragraph describes you, I highly recommend you watch this message and . . .

. . . think of your LOVE for freedom, for joy, for beauty, for life, and for YOU. Practice these ideas of consistency, love and kindness: inwardly at first. Especially toward those parts of yourself that you tend to judge or even condemn or hate. Feel your feelings at their depth, learn to name and communicate your needs, and tune in to your heart’s true desires, moment by moment. Learn the skill of allowing acceptance of yourself melt the resistance. This is self-care. This is self-love. (You can experience me leading 2 others in a conscious conversation, taking all of us from resistance to acceptance. We named it:  Bring it On!)

I would like to celebrate you and honor you for being who you are, exactly as you are. You have gifts, perspectives, insights and talents that are unusual because of what you’ve been through. You have access to deeper levels of clarity and compassion than most people. You can see patterns in people, environments and events that most others skip right over. You see what people really need. You cherish the little moments. Your intuition is probably off the charts amazing when you’re ON.

We need you.

I look forward to seeing your gifts emerge in the world, in so many ways that make your heart sing.

Much love,

Happy D!


3 thoughts on “Where common-sense wisdom breaks down for people with cptsr, cptsd and codependency #SimonSinek

  1. This fellow in the video offers up some very simple, yet profound insights into what “makes” a relationship or leadership start, grow & deepen… AND I like what YOU share here, too, Debbie (in the post around the video)… I’m at a place in my life where valuing and CONSISTENTLY PRACTICING these insights will stabilize the forward steps I’m taking, the awakening awareness I feel blessed to be having. Thank you, once again. Rock On! 🙂

    1. We are so very blessed. Thanks for letting me know it’s helpful to you. It helps so much to share these wisdom nuggets because it deepens the grooves of understanding in me too. I’m grateful to Simon Sinek and all the others for so generously sharing their wisdom and experiences.

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