Spirituality, intuition AND post traumatic stress #CPTSR #CPTSD

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2 thoughts on “Spirituality, intuition AND post traumatic stress #CPTSR #CPTSD

  1. Thanks for the keen insight, Debbie! I recall you saying something important related to the content of this video (but I can’t remember your exact wording–something like): “You can’t clean the stove at the same time you’re cooking on the stove… They require their own unique movements, time and space unto themselves.” Anyway, after talking with you about this topic and watching this video, the bottom line for me is: The seeds of positive, healthy change in my consciousness necessitate me recognizing that the process (or actions) of developing a more consistent conscious contact with my Higher Power/God/Spirit cannot be done at the same time as my addressing any C-PTSD response I might be experiencing. It’s such a valuable insight to carry with me, and I’m grateful for your sharing it. Perhaps you would consider doing another (probably shorter) video where you simply clarify and/or dive a bit deeper while focusing specifically on this point (i.e., can’t do both at the same time)… Oh yeah, your other metaphor was: “You can’t be dancing a waltz at the same time you’re doing the tango.” I think many would benefit from your riffing on this, Debbie! Rock On! 😉

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