Empowerment Trifecta – spirituality, psychology and coaching – our 12 Practices have paid off


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One thing I know for sure is that self-awareness is key to personal transformation.

And I want you to benefit from what we’ve learned at JBL over the last 3 years in our “insider” community conversations and from 20 years of coaching. I’m just tickled beyond description to share it with you!

Let’s look at how these 3 seemingly separate aspects of our lives are inexorably intertwined. Your life will definitely be empowered and enriched by this understanding.

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Professionals who study these topics usually specialize in one of them.

Some professionals combine their services in twos. Here are a few examples:

  • trauma can lead people to develop spiritual connection (example: prayer)
  • spiritual connection can aid peak performance (examples: visualization, prayer)
  • spiritual connection can help release trauma (example: letting go)
  • trauma, unresolved, can hinder peak performance (example: 12-step programs)
  • trauma can motivate peak performance (example: fear-driven success)
  • peak performance can trigger trauma (example: joy-ceilings)

I’m sure there are more ways to look at the pairs, but that’s a good starting place. The point is, seeing the pairs makes sense to most people who study these fields.

What makes JBL a bit “fringe,” pioneering and trendsetting is that we’ve taken on ALL THREE conversations, in depth.

Our connection to spirit, to ourselves and to our desires influences each of us in every single moment. This is true ESPECIALLY when we’re about to take a risk. Each of these aspects of self needs to be plugged in and juiced up just like a cell phone, in order to function properly, and in order to be balanced and whole.

Spirituality, psychology and coaching. What a dynamic trio!

Our foundational 12 Practices, which we continue to keep alive through our ongoing conversations at JBL, provides a healthy container for all of our conversations. We use the practices as self-awareness workouts. Sometimes they feel like yoga. Sometimes they feel like aerobics. And other times they feel like lifting barbells. The 12 Practices are AWESOME and life-giving, strengthening and balancing our inner worlds – AND our outer results!!!

When we first started JBL in 2016, we didn’t focus on trauma. But even though my Master’s Degree is in counseling, I know I wouldn’t have been able to create this triad without the last 2 years of in-depth study of emotional abuse and Complex post traumatic stress.

The SANCTUARY e-book(free for now) is the result of the trauma study. But as you can see, that’s just one piece of a much larger conversation.

I am deeply grateful to every one of you who’s with me on the journey of learning and growing, and who’s trusted me to keep leading, discovering and sharing my findings. I love growing and learning together with you!

We’ve landed, friends. As a result of our clarity, we have substantially increased our joy and our power while strengthening our community and connection.

I want newcomers to know that the heartbeat of our JBL community is the 12 Practices.  If you’re new here, please consider doing the 12 Practices, upleveling your self-awareness, and joining our conversation. You can buy it at our store: https://joybasedliving.com/store/

Much love,

Debbie Happy Cohen
aka Happy D!

I want you to LOVE negotiating for JOY! | Author | Coach at Joy-Based Living

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