What foods did your ancestors eat? Eliminate shame, not innocent food.

When students of Joy-Based Living begin their studies (through our e-books), they often become painfully aware of the sheer quantity of shame that has been instilled into our collective culture, which has directly influenced their individual minds…

  • Their sense of self worth
  • How harshly they speak to themselves
  • What they should or shouldn’t eat
  • How fat or skinny they should be
  • How clean their houses should be
  • Which hand they should write with
  • When they should sleep
  • When they should wake up
  • Etcetera etcetera
  • Fill in the blank with your own cultural admonition of shoulds that shame

What’s at stake?


All of this shaming eradicates one essential aspect of Joy-Based Living, and that is Self Trust. The result? Feeling disconnected from oneself and the people you love.

With self trust, you’re empowered to make healthy choices.

Without it, you’re a slave.

Don’t let anyone ever shame you about what’s good and healthy for you. And if you’re not sure what that is, tune in to yourself till you get a clear signal. You will.

Your life belongs to YOU and if you don’t enjoy it, who will?

By amplifying JOY in your life, you increase your ability to TUNE IN, to TRUST YOURSELF and to ENJOY YOUR LIFE.

This blog post was inspired by one of my JBL friends who excitedly described an amazing TED Talk about indigenous cultures and how people have become malnourished due to being shamed for eating the food that is locally supplied for them by the land itself.

Alarms Pallavi discovered that SHAME caused the people to reject their abundant supply of local fruit – in exchange for imported apples, grapes and white rice – which left their bodies hungry… while the nutrients they need are available right in their yards!

Shame feels like sadness, smallness and cognitive dissonance. Learn to recognize it.

Once you recognize it, you can dismiss it and reject it like the poison apple it is.

Set yourself free by amplifying joy in your life today!

Much love,


2 thoughts on “What foods did your ancestors eat? Eliminate shame, not innocent food.

  1. Wow!! That was a profound talk!!! And so clearly connected to shame. I’ve read that in parts of Africa colonization from Europe had the same effect on the people of Kenya and Tanzania. It’s also affected their trade and health. Considering cultural ammunition are so incredibly important. People of the western world need to understand the influence and potential distruction they could cause with their influence.

    1. Ummm I think there’s a typo ?? Cultural ammunition??? 😂😂😂 Anyhoo… I agree… and on an individual level, as each of us who heals shame steps into greater power positions, it’ll be good to continue to embody this wisdom and kindness … to sustain it and pass it on.

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