Definition of narcissistic abuse and healing and thriving

definition of narcissistic abuse

Narcissistic abuse happens when someone fucks with your reality regarding how you experience and perceive your core identity, convincing you to believe you are weak and flawed.

Victim shaming and victim blaming happen when you think no one should have fucked with your reality to begin with and that it happened because you were weak. So it must have been your fault.

(You’re not. And it wasn’t.)

Ending victim shaming and victim blaming happens when you realize that what makes you human IS your openness to life itself, including ALL messages, including BELIEVING people who you believe love you and people who are supposed to have your best interests at heart.

A narcissistic abuser is a con-artist. You were fooled because you’re human.

But being human doesn’t mean being weak. Far from it.

Being human means being trusting. This is our strength.

Being human also means being divine.  This is our light.

Tune into your divinity to access your greatest strengths.

Healing happens when YOU end:

  • the need to please that person
  • the need to stay with that person
  • the compulsive thoughts and feelings and perceptions that were given to you by the abuser – about yourself, about others, about life itself
  • the need to hide your power

Thriving happens when YOU:

  • know your deepest values and commit to them – they are your true compass
  • consistently choose your best thoughts and feelings (including kindness to yourself when you slip)
  • use your energy, emotions and attention to step forward into the life YOU want to create (not perfectly, but consistently)
  • surround yourself with others who recognize you and love you in your power and in your joy

I believe in you,



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