Trauma – a personal note from me

Why would anybody – ever – in the history of humankind – put the brakes on their joy – if they hadn’t experienced some kind of trauma?Debbie at Marcias house kneelingThey wouldn’t.

Now, some people respond to trauma by repeating the behavior and traumatizing others. Because it’s familiar. Other people respond to trauma by repeating their experience, allowing themselves to be repeatedly re-traumatized. Because it’s familiar.

If a person is traumatized as a child, there is a very small likelihood that they won’t make one of those choices. Why? Because they identify themselves (consciously or unconsciously) with trauma. However, if a person is traumatized as an adult (and NOT as a child), they can more easily break out of the trauma pattern.

But what if you were traumatized as a child and you would like a better option as an adult? Is it possible? I believe YES.

HOWEVER. And this is a big HOWEVER. It’s going to take diligence on your part to step away from the old internal programming and MOVE ON. FORTUNATELY, there are so many options that were never – in the history of humanity – easily available before.

Why am I making such a big deal about this here at Joy-Based Living? Because after a couple of years of leading this amazing community, I have learned that the people who are conscious of HOW THEY interrupt their own joy – those who are willing to take total responsibility for their healing and their perceptions – those are the ones who continually break on through to new experiences and open doors of new possibilities and better opportunities.

I’m making such a big deal about this because I’m so grateful for all that I have received and I want you to have it too.

Much love,

Happy D!


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