Brene Brown Kicks Ass on Netflix – say adios to critics and trolls – GO GIRL!

Great presentation! Bravo Brené!! I love this:

“If you are not in the arena getting your ass kicked on occasion because you were being brave, I am not interested in or open to your opinion about my work.”

Hell Yeah!!!

“There are millions of cheap seats in the arena. . . don’t pull that stuff from the cheap seats close to your heart. . . you gotta step over it and keep going.”

“You can’t take criticism and feedback from people who aren’t being brave with their lives. It will crush you. . . You have to be really specific about people whose opinions of you matter. It’s not that you don’t give a shit what anyone thinks. Just don’t give a shit what some people think. And then really solicit feedback from the people who do give you good feedback. . . I’ll tell you who should make the list: people who love you not DESPITE your imperfection and vulnerability but BECAUSE of your imperfection and vulnerability.”

Stay strong, joy-based friends! The world needs your light! You got this!


Happy D!

3 thoughts on “Brene Brown Kicks Ass on Netflix – say adios to critics and trolls – GO GIRL!

  1. So well said!
    This blogpost calls to mind, for me, what the ancient scriptures of India, the Vedas, say about discernment — that it is the ability to choose wisely , to choose what is true and leave behind what is false, to choose what is real and leave behind what is based on illusion,… Discernment is what allows one to step from ignorance to knowledge, from delusion about oneself to self-realization. I believe the work you’re doing, Debbie, with joy-based living, and the work of Brene Brown are bringing the power of discernment to today’s world, to help heal generations of people who have been longing for such illumination. Perfect timing for a blessed Easter weekend… the rising of our own true selves, Divinity in All! 😄

  2. Those are great quotes Debbie, great advice from Brene Brown. I love her. And thank you for the reminder… to keep going… with discernment.

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