Fuck Normal. Spirituality, trauma and peak performance.

spiritual connection healing trauma and peak performanceTrauma. Spirituality. Peak Performance.

These are my areas of expertise, and they are all strangely and magically intertwined. The more I learn about one, the more the other 2 make sense. The more I help someone strengthen one, the stronger the other 2 become in their lives.

Imagine an Olympic hopeful. She has a mental or emotional block and keeps getting stuck at the same exact speed. Her coach, committed to helping her win, refers her to a therapist so that she can clear her mind (or her inner playing field). Let’s say that same Olympian has a such a love for running that she feels as if SHE IS the wind itself every time she runs. That’s spiritual. That woman’s chances of winning are much higher than another Olympian who is technically just as good but who does not have a deep love for running. And they’re even higher if she resolves her trauma.

I recently read a great book by Peak Performance Coach Todd Herman. It’s called The Alter Ego Effect. Todd’s been coaching peak performers in sports and in business for over 20 years and he loves to measure everything he can. One of the statistics that totally shocked me but didn’t shock me at all (yes, both) is that he has referred 82% of his clients to therapy. HOLY CRAPOLI! AND AMEN BROTHER!

Now, what in God’s green earth would they be dealing with in therapy? Processing, resolving and releasing trauma. I guarantee it.

When I first started mastering my understanding of Complex Post Traumatic Stress, I started wondering if EVERYONE had it? If NO one was immune? What if we are each emotionally traumatized in our own ways during this crazy age of mass shootings in schools? The high volume of anxiety meds and antidepressant meds sold each year tells its own story. But MAYBE the patients are just not being diagnosed properly. What if the diagnosis is really Complex Post Traumatic Stress? That would put a TON of power back into our own hands.

Back to this here blog called Joy Based Living. I’ve felt really weird emphasizing TRAUMA and CPTSD for the last couple of years… like, seriously… WTF. Where’s the JOY?  I am all about the joys of soaring and going as high as your spirit can go! What happened?

I had to totally face the depth of my own inner trauma and dig deeper than I had ever dug before. The signs were there 20 years ago. Like when I exited a movie theater and heave-cried for 3 days straight after watching Prince of Tides. Like working for many years with some of the best spiritual teachers, coaches and psychologists in the world and never quite hitting the spot or reaching the itch.

What I discovered in this last year was pure gold. The path was hell. What surprised me most is that many of my closest friends were not only able, willing and enthused about following my quest, but they benefited from it themselves. According to their reports, they are now experiencing more joy in their lives than ever before. This thrills me to no end.

I believe that with the right knowledge, support and willingness, just about anyone can learn how to overcome emotional trauma and get to the other side of it. I’m going to be writing a whole lot more about all of these topics. I hope to shorten the process for you. Unprocessed, unresolved trauma creates hell on earth. Resolve yours. You’re worth it.

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Much love,

Happy D!

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4 thoughts on “Fuck Normal. Spirituality, trauma and peak performance.

  1. Your clarity about this Venn diagram, Debbie, as well as your articulate expression of your feelings about these dimensions of life and your obvious (to me, at least) expertise with them, lead me to believe your decision to move forward with more writing about & exploration of such is an inspired one, one which will benefit countless souls seeking more joy, more healing and more wholeness. Rock. On. 😉

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