The lyrics to these Beatles songs play in my mind sometimes

Do you ever have a song come to your mind when you think of a particular person, or maybe even an event in your life? That happens to me quite frequently, and lately, when I’ve thought about the various aspects of Joy-Based Living, a couple of these songs rose up inside of me: While my guitar gently weeps and Here comes the sun.  While listening to the music, I saw the other song titles on the LOVE album and the songs just seemed to fit, so I listened to them, too. Actually, some of them bring tears to my eyes.

Beatles song titles at Joy-Based Living

People who make their way to JBL come from all kinds of places and inner spaces. For many, the reason they were attracted to JOY-Based Living is because they found  themselves facing this sort of crappy inner dialogue:

Inverted Venn Diagram Joy Based Living

At JBL, we actively respond to these dark dialogues (DARKALOGUES?) by shedding light on them. Together, we make deliberate choices to brighten our minds and hearts.

  1. We each strengthen our spiritual connection. This is individually customized per person as you see fit.
  2. We each face old trauma-reactions and learn to heal them by recognizing emotional flashbacks and exchanging these for empowering, PRESENT AWARENESS responses. Educating ourselves in this way is similar to learning CPR because it makes each of us available to support others. #cptsr #cptsd #codependency
  3. We aim for peak performance or excellence as we participate in community. Good intent without perfectionism allows us to increase our energy, focus and power.

Venn Diagram Joy Based Living

We are a community of deliberate, conscious, SASSY action-takers who do our best to center ourselves in the joy of our being. And the thing of it is – this JOY is contagious!

Caveat: JBL is NOT for everyone. It’s for the courageous at heart and the generous of spirit. Self-awareness, inner-drive and personal-responsibility are core characteristics of people who really get the most out of our community.

HAVING a real sense of belongingness and community is essential for JOY.

The question is, how do you find or create such a space without defining it by a religion, an addiction or a 12-step-ism?

Creating a real sense of community and belongingness is what we’re up to here.

That’s what we’re pioneering.

We are SO glad you’re here!!

Much love,

Debbie Happy Cohen, founder of Joy-Based Living
aka Happy D! and Reverend SASSY SHORTS! But, of course!

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I think it’s a lifelong process, kind of like meditation, or going to the gym. It’s something you learn once and then you keep using for the rest of your life. What you have to offer is more than just telling someone what to do next. It’s a guiding process in learning how to understand ourselves better and ultimately see ourselves the way you do – living our true nature, which is joy.  – Claudia Dose, artist


2 thoughts on “The lyrics to these Beatles songs play in my mind sometimes

  1. Being a lifelong fan of the Beatles, I was quite pleased, NOT just to re-listen to “Because” at the end of this post, Debbie, but ALSO because of the clear-eyed, inspiring & empowering message in which you embedded the “Beatle-juice” (pun intended)! Merci beaucoup for the double-bubble of heart-mind-and-soul expansion you’ve offered us all here! 🙂

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