Validation, Depths of Healing, Freedom Within, 2019

When rage has nowhere to go

Because a bully has you hiding in fear

Shame grows.

When hidden rage is strong

Shame deepens.

Your light hides with it.


And then . . .

Someone comes along and meets you

At the depths

Validates the hidden shameful experience

And says,

“Hello. You’re safe now. I see you. Come back.”

The rage softens,

The shame begins to transform,

Fear lifts,

And healing commences

At a deeper level

Than ever before.

The body releases the old

And you are free to begin


– – – – – – – –

May 2019 be a most amazing expression of your freedom, your love, your light, your joy. I see you and I believe in you!

With love,

Happy D!

Leap forward in 2019

2 thoughts on “Validation, Depths of Healing, Freedom Within, 2019

  1. And a Joyful, Healthy & Prosperous New Year to You & Yours (and the JBL Tribe), Debbie!!! HUZZAH!!! 🙂

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