How to strengthen yourself to say NO to emotional abuse – #1 key phrase to negotiate with yourself or your client (Chris Voss) (CPTSD CPTSR emotional flashbacks) (double bind) (coaching)

Chris Voss, expert hostage negotiator, and author of Never Split the Difference, says: “That’s right” is what we say “when we feel completely heard, and there’s a chemical change that takes place in our brain — it is a subtle epiphany. And when you feel an epiphany, you feel better, you just don’t know where it came from.”

Here is the coaching conversation (mentioned in the video) where I’m seeking agreement, consensus to continue this difficult conversation. I’m asking permission to tell the truth, to offer a reality check. I want to make sure we’re on the same page and that my client is receptive to what I’m about to say.  You’ll need to listen to the video to get the full context. Hope you find this helpful. If you do, please let me know.

text conversation getting agreement consensus and permission to continue coaching truth telling

Stand strong, my friend.

Empower Your Joy. Embody Your Truth. Live Your Dreams.

Thats Right building block from the JBL village

With love,

Happy D!

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