Is narcissistic abuse a modern, silent holocaust?

holocaust memorial - voice for those who have been silencedI know what it’s like to feel powerless in the face of a narcissist.

I know what it’s like to feel helpless in my ability to help someone who is a co-narcissist living under the tyranny of a narcissist.

I know what it’s like to feel stuck in an old identity which a narcissist deliberately shaped and conditioned through manipulation, fear and shame.

I have friends and family members who are experiencing this right now. Witnessing their voice-less-ness is one of the most painful things I have had to endure in my life.

Narcissistic victims are not helpless or powerless.

BUT THEIR SECURITY AND SAFETY are at stake. And they know it.

Their SILENCE AND SECRECY are off-the-charts (similar to a KGB spy).

I know how devastating the effects are. Close relationships are destroyed. Dreams are stolen. Futures and potentials and possibilities are cut down like Amazon rainforests.

I am so sorry.

I am glad we have memorials and rememberances for the holocaust. But sometimes, when I see holocaust-related literature, I feel angry.

Because there is a current holocaust going on. Modern day. Right under our noses. And too few people are talking about it.

I think about all of the victims of narcissistic abuse who are currently living in the gas chambers of tyrannical relationships. Especially those who are NOT being physically violated. Because for them, the abuse is invisible. Which leads to a feeling of “crazy” that no one else can understand unless they’ve been through it.

These people feel too threatened to leave. When they think of leaving, they feel conflicted, confused and terrified. Their perceptions of reality have been distorted and manipulated. Their connection with their true identity has been stripped from them. They have become shells of human beings. Victim-blaming and victim-shaming just adds to the mess. Denial keeps it under wrap.

I think about all of the peole who surround them who have known them for years and who love them – and who have no clue what’s REALLY going on.

I want more people to wake up and smell the coffee.

I want malignant, pathological narcissists to have their power stripped from them.

My love goes out to all of those who have been and who are currently being silenced.

May you find the power in your soul to live the fullest and best life you possibly can. The world needs your beauty and your love and your light.

I believe in you.


Happy D!

ps. If you are asking yourself WHAT CAN I DO???


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2. I wrote a collection of articles with leading-edge information and resources about this topic. Including … this video by researcher and author Christine Louis de Canonville. Her message is really powerful and has helped numerous people in my life pop the bubble of denial and see clearly what’s happening.


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