CPTSR welcome video

If you are searching for solutions to CPTSR and you want to get to the other side, to freedom to be who you are, and you want to arrive more quickly… you’ve come to the right place. Welcome. I will post this video at various places in the JBL website. You deserve all the joy you know in your heart is possible for you. I believe in you.

Much love,

Happy D!

For more info about CPTSR/ CPTSD/ codependency/ co-narcissism, just enter any of those terms in the search bar (in the website footer) at https://joybasedliving.com/

Debbie Happy Cohen is a master coach with a graduate degree in counseling. She’s the founder of Joy-Based Living, an online global community where people are learning how to create environments (internal and external) where JOY can thrive.

Many people who are committed to having joy in their lives are people who have known its exact opposite. Therefore, we explore many aspects of joy, including its shadows. Awareness, acceptance and action are keys to opening the doors to greater joy; and courage is strengthened when people experience connection.

The Joy-Based Living E-book offers a foundation of 12 lifelong practices that can help you get in touch with your feelings, make a deeper commitment to yourself, and step up into becoming who you really are. It’s a great supplement any holistic practice, including therapy and coaching. https://joybasedliving.com/ebook/

2 thoughts on “CPTSR welcome video

  1. I appreciate the “welcome mat” you laid out here, Debbie, because I know in my soul what you’re saying, what you’re acknowledging in these few minutes, is truly an invitation to step into a new life, beyond the chains of the past–whatever or whoever made them–and this journey forward DOES require courage, faith and an openness & willingness to see myself, others and Life itself from a new perspective… which I sense is actually the foundation for healing. Again, thank you.

    1. Awww… thank you so much, Will… that means a lot to me that you really felt it… I did my best to stay in my heart and not go to my head while recording the video. Thank you for being such a kind mirror and always, for your encouragement.

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