A Place to Belong

I wish I could have had a place for my 18 year old self to belong – safely and without any soul-stealing price.

A place to think clearly.

A place to feel supported. Supported in having alignment between my heart, my mind and my actions.

A place where mutual respect was a given and expected.

A place where taking risks and making mistakes was encouraged.

A place where my energy could be directed into positive expression and healthy power.

A place where members would be held accountable for bringing their dreams and contributions to life, lest we become a group of navel gazing philosophers. Yes, there are appropriate centers for ongoing meditative practices but it’s not what my 18 year old needed.

I wish I could have found ongoing group conversations that did not have ulterior agendas. I found these in a few close friends, one-on-one, thank goodness… but it would have been grand to have a community of such substance.

I published Reach Your Stars for my inner 5-year-old who wished she’d been given that info every day of her life as a basis for her schooling. She always felt like such a misfit in the system. This was never her failure. I shared RYS with thousands of teachers, kids, parents and leaders – pre-youtube – these were live and in person.

Joy-Based Living is what I wished my 18-year-old self would have been given as an entry to adulthood. It would have helped her keep more of her life POWER, ENERGY and CHOICES in her own hands. And not leak it out or unknowingly give it away.

I have JBL for myself AND I LOVE IT. But like they say in 12 step programs – to keep it, you’ve got to share it!

I wonder – along these lines- what did your 18 year old self wish for?

The JBL foundational materials, especially the 12 Practices and SANCTUARY, are designed to help you start your own conversations. If you want help establishing your own JBL group, we are now available to support you at Patreon.

Much love,

Happy D!
Debbie Happy Cohen, founder of Joy-Based Living
I want you to LOVE negotiating for JOY! | Author | Coach at Joy-Based Living

2 thoughts on “A Place to Belong

  1. A “safe place” to be myself and share myself… Yes, indeed, that’s a worthwhile aspiration to move toward… Thank you for the inspiration, Debbie! 🙂

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